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The Retrograde a.k.a. the Apparent Backwards Motion of a Planet from the perspective of the Earth in Astrology has been written about many times before and chiefly for its different meanings and effects according to each planet which goes through the cycle which consists of becoming stationary / motionless, then retrograde / backwards for a while and then back to stationary / motionless and again finally becoming direct / forward again.
I myself had written an earlier piece on Mercury Retrograde in which I very much point out that when any Planet, and I do mean When Any Planet Goes Retrograde, that the fact that such a planet's basic Astrological Meanings have to consider the temporary company of other variables such as the Modification, the Change of other Meanings such as Reversals, Re-doings, Re-Considerations and really and truly A Series of quite serious Attempts to Change the general Pool/Collection of Values and of Opinions / Standings / Positions and in general also strong Attempts to Change in the Ways of Conduct of people and things. 

A Retrograde Planet brings the unavoidable Presence of Non-Mainstream Energies, Non-Mainstream Influences, Non-Mainstream Cultures into the scene of the time, situation, person and/or thing.

The "Non-Mainstream-Ness" which I refer to, it ranges from the Unpopular to the Untried, the Occult, the Unknown and finally to the Not-known-if-safe & approved by one's Society in general.

I've come to understand that having a Natal Retrograde Planet points to "Non-Mainstream" influences where that astrological planet rules in the chart, the astrological house that it occupies in the astrological chart... Also to the astrological aspects / angles which that planet does to other planets, stars, asteroids and in general, to any other points in the chart.  

The Non-Mainstream / Non-Popular / Non-Traditional / Non-Orthodox Influence of "Being Retrograde" can be entirely compared to the inserting the astrological planet Uranus into the equation of Meaning or the Quantum factor of Quantum Academia.

Retrograde Planets at Birth carry the NEWNESS of the most ANCIENT and QUANTUM Factors of all Changes & Discoveries...
That's it is because it always has in itself the Eternal Dissolving of Boundaries and Solvency of the planet Neptune, it also has the Sharpest Edges of the Surprise of the Evolution of the Self-Sufficient Independence and Wise Freedom of the planet Uranus... And lastly it has the Infinitely Delicious Quite-At-Home-In-Depth and Mightily Passionate eternal Penetration of the planet Pluto. 

Now, you add such Variables to any other astrological planet and/or chart angles, and you have yourself a new collection of Directional Meaning as to why and wherefore such was, is and / or, will be this way or that way, etc.

To make a long story short - Retrograde also means Non-Mainstream Influence and Its Impact.
Whether it would be a Natal Chart or not, it would be wise to consider the length of possibilities offered by a retrograde planet in any astrological chart of any kind.

I was born with a Mercury Retrograde and I can vouch for the Transgender of the Zodiac and its temporary status of Being Retrograde and how such enabled me to sense the  modified versions of my personal meanings and their influence throughout the years.

We all experience astrological Retrograde Planets in our lives, in ourselves whether by birth or not. With the exceptions of the Sun and of the Moon, all the personal astrological planets experience cycles of being retrograde and so do we all during the course of our lives.

It is interesting to observe that "being retrograde" is also "being non-mainstream" and to find such a trait in situations, people and things.

Yes! If you have one or more Retrograde Planets in your Natal Chart, they will reveal where you will display your excellence on Being Non-Mainstream.
If you have only one retrograde Planet natally, and such has been made important by virtues of degree, house, sign, aspects/angles and / or other points/formulas/factors...Then this planet will do the same and reveal your areas of excellence on Being Non-Mainstream.


Sky a.k.a. JD Aeon 


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June 2, 2010 at 6:30pm

Uranus in Aries
The light side…
It was, it is and it can be the cute planet of all “Differences”…

Mind you all, “Differences” that ought to/should/must be fully owned, equally mutually respected by those whom have them – We all and everything that exist!

The proverbial traffic light goes Green for all of us to say – No…
To the collective and say – Yes… To ourselves first!

The first duty of any organism is to itself – Survival!

However Honesty to oneself does make one free, it liberates and makes whatever it is, real and worthwhile.

Uranus will furnish the magical fuel, Aries will furnish the magical fire and the rest is up to each one of us, whether to burn the rubbish, light the way and move on to the New or simply to be cancelled like a no-good, bad sitcom, self-destructed by lack of meaning!

Come back again and try again next lifetime if you fail! You see - No worries!

Uranus alerts us all to:

- Do Respect “Mutually” All Of Your Differences Because Differences Are An Unavoidable Part Of Which We All And Everything That Exist Are Made Out Of.

It is the planet of Originality, Eccentricities, Inventions, ESP, Scientists, Uniqueness, Unusual Gifts, Events, Places & People of course…

It is also the ruthless Bringer of the New, of Sudden and Unavoidable Changes, of indeed Big Surprises…

It is the planet of the “Liberation Of Progress”, Liberation, Progress !!!
It is equally the planet of Disruption, Explosions, Electricity, Riots, Unrest, Atomic explosions, Earthquakes, Storms, Hurricanes, Deviation, Perversion…

It is the planet of Divorce, Separation, Break-up in relationships…

It is the planet of Friends, Clubs, Groups, Air Travel, Circulation,

It is the planet of the “New Age”, Gay Pride, Trans Pride, GLBT, LGBTIQ, Novelties, Telepathy, Astronomy, Occult Studies, Paganism, Wicca...

It is the Revolutionary, the Shocking, the Electrifying, the Independent and Free of Spirit of “Sudden Changes”.

Uranus evokes Independence, Individualism, Freedom, Creativity, Shock, Quantum Technologies, Computers, “Real Magick”, Quantum Academia, Ancient and/or Quantum Arts and Sciences, Discovery, Revolution at all levels as It seeks the Outing, The Ending of the Old in order to make space for the Coming, the actual Arrival and Emergence of the New !!!
Uranus has entered the astrological Sign of Aries at 9:48 p.m. EDT 27th May 2010 during the Full Moon at 6 : 33’ : 00” of the astrological Sign of Sagittarius!!!
Aries – The Ram
A Sign which is ruled by Mars…
A Sign which is the very Exaltation of the Sun, The Detriment of Venus and the Fall of Saturn.


Aries is the Sign of the Pioneer, The Warrior…
The Fighter Against Any Oppression, Limitations and Censorship on “Personal Freedom” ergo an individuated freedom fighter one might wishfully hope for…

Aries is the Sign of Adventure, Aries is mostly attracted to the proverbial “New” and seeks mostly for such in life.

We human beings, we all need our share of Aries because we all need well-natured and pleasant variations in our lives, in our choices…
Aries is also the astrological Sign of Disputes, Impulsiveness…

Aries is the Sign of the natural astrological First House of the Persona, The Character…
Astrological House of Initiative, Free-will, Daring, Action, Impulse, Vitality, Enthusiasm for the New, Bravery, Courage, Pioneering Spirit…

Uranus in Aries can be a huge Surprise which either shocks and saddens or pleases and liberates…
In the process of Pluto’s changes, Saturn’s “The Old, The Safe & Tried, The Traditional”, They fool with a little help of the fogs, semi-reality and make-as-ifs of dear Psychic Neptune…
Deceiving oneself into Thinking - Mercury’s kind offices however pre-conceiving, believing it has a strong hold of the reality as it attempts to mandate such a reality as the final and the only one correct and acceptable…
In the end of the long day, as it turns out to be a very good put-on just like in the films…

Because the Old once was the New and it really and truly began to change the moment that it came into existence.

So much noise and really about nothing indeed.

Nothing can cheat itself from its own evolution.

Imagine “The New” finding an open door to come in and simply be all it can be.
At the same time realize the unavoidable, sudden and quick extinction of the Old as it is no more chiefly when all supports cease and all that “The Old” can do is to surrender to what it birthed it first of all – “Changes”!

Such it may seem far-fetched however not off the proverbial table of what can and cannot be at all…
Not with Uranus in Aries and the breaks of Saturn will not be there as Saturn will move through Libra and roll on to Scorpio but we will still have Uranus in Aries and without any brakes on.


Freedom to pioneer, to cross new frontiers, freedom to be new, freedom to be real!

Well it is bad news for conservatives, for big and piggy religions, for traditions and for obsolete forms of control over the masses, the people…
Independence, liberation, freedom might all hold much, much greater sway, power and success in the scheme of all things.

Quick and sweeping changes will surprise many and even more so for those who rarely are surprised, they think they know it all and can control it all – the minority elite of twits of our times.

My hope is that there is break of unavoidable Light into the modern Dark Age which the vast majority of the population of the Earth lives under, submits to and accepts from cradle to grave without ever questioning it and rising above it!
Ignorance is a bliss has a time and a place which belong in infancy not at adulthood when we must grow up and surrender to the dance of evolution that we all came here for.

Again, none of us can cheat ourselves out of our own evolution.

Nobody can avoid what they are made out of – Changes!

The only thing permanent is change, remember that and more so when Uranus travels through Aries…


Saturn in Libra
Saturn in the astrological Sign of Libra – Sign of the Scales…

The Task Maker, The Giver of Structures, The Green Reaper, The Boss, The Old Wise Man and/or Woman enter the astrological Sign of Balance, Justice, Lawsuits, Marriage, Enemies…

I think people will really be called by powerful “Circumstances” to be honest, real and true to Themselves individually regarding their Sense of Justice, Fairness, their Partnerships, Marriages and their Legal pursuits…
I think, it will be a time that Justice will be and feel More like Real Justice for a lot of people who commonly are accustomed to buy their way out of the trouble that they create…

Saturn calls for a bountiful and fair Harvest of your own seeds, of your own planting/sowing!!!
Saturn asks us to be responsible to our own selves first.
Saturn teaches us to respect the evolution of our own being individually but
Saturn wants each and everyone of us to find what it is Real from inside out and not vice-versa.

Responsibility was never meant to be corrupted/turned into Slavery!
There is a very thin line between being responsible to something and being a slave to something – We all individually must look into our own lives and find where are we cheating ourselves out of the integrity of our hearts, out of the beauty of our own souls and our pre-chosen natal scripts for this time-zone/lifetime.
Saturn in Libra means will surely whip hard on people who commonly get away through life by being professional cheaters, people without any integrity, some have no scruples, the manners of wild zebras, etc…
The sort of people who seem to always “Do it all and get away with it and always without a scratch…

Hey there Mister and Mistress - “I don’t care”…

I’ve got some bad news for you - Not on Saturn’s Time! You will learn to care very soon!
Don’t you just love Saturn when it sets the record Right!

With Uranus (Freedom, Differences, The New) and Jupiter (Success, Big, High, Academia) in Aries (Blind Action/Pioneering) opposing Libra (Justice, Marriage, Enemies, Lawsuits, etc), opposing Saturn (Wisdom, Wise Responsibility, The Boss, Authority, Pay-back, etc)…

Saturn’s job will be censored a bit maybe a bit of a lot for sure here and there and the proverbial Sekhmet will not have a carte blanche, a free pass to clean it all up, to wipe all records clean and set each and everything right…

But a lot will still get done and people will get a very, very good taste of their own medicine chiefly the ones responsible for the suffering of/for many, many people conditioned under their mighty feet by mainstream big religions, big businesses, corrupt/bad governments and the poverty and the ignorance which they fabricate, promote and impose all over wherever they can reach…

Lots will get to be set right, a lot of people will be put back to their belonging places, a lot of Higher Justice from the Other Realms will take shape and happen here, chiefly in the Higher Places and it will remain for a while in order to be well-learned and best remembered.


Sky aka JD Aeon


Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Astrological Books - Lists 2015

Astrological Books - 2015


"The Only Way To Learn Astrology…"

All The Volumes - By Marion D March and Joan McEvers (ACS Publisher)

The Volumes Are:

1 (Basic Principles)

2 (Horoscope analysis)

3 (Math & Interpretation Techniques)

4) The only way to learn about Tomorrow.

5) The only way to learn about Relationships.

6) The only way to learn about Horary & Electional Astrology.


The American Ephemeris 20th Century 1900-2000 by Neil F Michelsen, (ACS)

The American Ephemeris 21th Century 2000-2050 by Neil F Michelsen, (ACS)

The American Atlas US Longitudes and Latitudes, time changes and time zones. By Thomas G Shanks, (ACS)

Time changes in the world. Doris Chase Donane, published by AFA.

Latitudes and Longitudes through the world. By Eugene Denary, published by AFA.

The American Book of tables. By Michelsen (ACS)

Easy Astrology guide. By Maritha Pottenger (ACS)




A brief & most easy Introduction to the Astrological Judgment of the Stars - By Claudius Dariot & Translated by Fabian Wither.

Astrological Judgment of Diseases. Nicholas Culpeper

Modern Horary Astrology. Doris Chase Doane

Simplified Horary Astrology. Ivy Goldstein-Jacobson

The Living Stars. Dr Eric Morse

Horary Astrology. Geraldine Davis

Inside degrees. Elias Lonsdale.

Degrees of the Zodiac Magnified. Mohan Koparkar

Retrograde planets. Erin Sullivan

The Astrology of Personality. Dane Rudhyar

An Astrological Mandala. Dane Rudhyar

Retrogrades. Mohan Koparkar

Quintiles and TreDeciles, the geometry of the Goddess. Dusty Bunker

The QuinDecile. Ricki Reeves

The ultimate Asteroid Book. J Lee Lehman

Astrological degrees of life. Harold Hanson

The 360 degrees of the Zodiac. Adriano Carelli

The Degrees of the Zodiac Donna Walter Henson

Astrology for the 21st century. David Cochrane

Time for Magick. Maria Kay Simms (Llewellyn)

Star names, their lore and meaning. Richard Hinckley Allen

Essential Dignities. J H Lehman

Fixed Stars and their interpretation. Ebertin-Hoffman

The Fixed Stars, Health & Behaviour Imbalances. Ted George and Barbara Parker

An Astrological guide to Self-Awareness by Donna Cunningham (CRCS)

Astrological Insights into Personality by Betty Lundsted (ACS)

Sexuality in the Horoscope…Edited by Noel Tyl (Llewellyn)

Forecasting forward and backwards. by the late B. F. Hammerslough (Llewellyn)

Intimate Relationships Edited by Joan McEvers (Llewellyn)

Astrology’s Special Measurements Edited by Noel Tyl (Llewellyn)

When Will You Marry? By Rose Murray (Llewellyn)

Astrology and Relationships by Mary Devlin (Whitford Press)

The Twelve Houses by Howard Sasportas (Thorsons)

Psychological Astrology by Karen Hamaker-Zondag (Weiser)

The House Connection by Karen Hamaker-Zondag (Weisser)

The Combination of Stellar Influences by Reinhold Ebertin (AFA)

Planets in Love by John Townley (Whitford Press)

Planets in Composite by Robert Hand (Whitford Press)

Planets in Synastry by E. W. Nevelle (Whitford Press)

Astrological Keywords by Manly P. Hall

Bon Voyage by Marc Penfield (AFA)

Horary Astrology Rediscovered by the late Olivia Barclay (Whitford Press)

Horary Astrology by Anthony Louis (Llewellyn)

Note: Ask for the 557-Pages edition of this book!

An Astrology Guide to Your Sex Life. by Vivian E. Robson (Ballantrae)

The Sabian Symbols - A screen of Prophecy by Diana E. Roche (Trafford)

Horary Astrology. by Karen Hamaker-Zondag (Weiser)

The Book of Rulerships. by Dr. J. Lee Lehman (Schifer)

Classical Astrology for Modern Living. by Dr. J. Lee Lehman (Whitford Press)

Modern Transits by Lois M. Rodden (AFA)

The Timing of Events: Electional Astrology by Bruce Scofield

Electional Astrology. by Vivian E. Robson

Rules for Planetary-Pictures by Witte-Lefeldt

The Astrologer’s Guide by Guido Bonatus Edited by William Lilly (AFA)

Ancient Astrology Theory and Practice by Firmicus Maternus (Noyes Press)

Here and There in Astrology by Ivy M. Goldstein-Jacobson

Ptolemy’s Tetrabiblos

Astrologia Gallica-Books # 21 and # 22… by J. B. Morin (Morinus)

Interceptions, cycles of spiritual unfoldment by Duke de Faria

Homosexuality in Astrology by Carl Guenter Heinsoth (AFA)

Astrology of Accidents by C.E.O. Carter

Astrology of Death by the late Richard Houck

Astronomica de Manilus.

The Cosmic Loom - Dennis Elwell

The Mountain Astrologer - A Magazine & Very much worthwhile to subscribe... I do!

Brady’s Book of Fixed Stars by Bernandette Brady

Astrological Signatures by C.C. Zain

Astrological Magic by Estelle Daniels

Arabian Parts Decoded by Lynn Webber

Arabic Parts in Astrology by Robert Zoller

AstroLocality Astrology. by Martin Davis

Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology by Vivian Robson

Harmonic Charts by David Hamblin

Expanding Astrology’s Universe by Zip Dobyns

Encyclopedia of Astrology by Nicholas de Vore

Declinations, the Other Dimension - by K. T. Boeherer (Fortune Press)

Vedic Astrology by Ronnie Gayle Dreyer

Aspects Magnified. By M Koparker

The Arkana Dictionary of Astrology. by Fred Gettings.

The Degrees of the zodiac symbolized. By Charubel

La Volasfera. By Sepharial.

Christian Astrology Books 1 & 2 by William Lilly, 1647 Edition by Ascella, Re-typed/Annotated by Deborah Houlding

Christian Astrology Book 3 by Wiliam Lilly, 1647-Edition by Ascella, Retyped/Annotated by Deborah Houlding

Christian Astrology Decoded. By Sue Ward

The Origin of the Zodiac. By Rupert Gleadow

Magic and the Western Mind. Gareth Knight.

Astrology looks at History. Edited by Noel Tyl

Planets in Combination. By Lynne Burmyn

Key to planetary pictures. By Hans Niggemann

Uranian Astrology. By Hans Niggemann

360 Degrees of Wisdom. By Lynda Hill

Gods of Change. By Howard Sasportas

Art of Forecasting Using Solar Returns. By Anthony Louis

Angles and Prediction. By Martha Lang-Wescott

Five Medieval Astrologers. By James Herschel

Uranus - The Constant of Change. By Eric Meyers

Horary Astrology - Derek Appleby

Astrological Compendium: Containing his explanation & narration of the whole art of astrology - Rhetorius the Egyptian

The Judgement of Nativities - Abu 'Ali Al-Khayyat (translated by James Holden)

The Book of Instructions in the Elements of Art of Astrology - Al Biruni, translated by R. Ramsay Wright

The PreNatal Epoch - E.H. Bailey

Astrological Roots: The Hellenistic Legacy - Joseph Crane

The Encyclopaedia of Medical Astrology - H.L. Cornell

Carmen Astrologicum - Dorotheus of Sidon, translated by David Pingree

Mundane Astrology: Three classic books by H.S. Green, Raphael & C.E.O. Carter

Ancient Whispers from Chaldea, Making Babylonian Astrology work for You - Arthyr W. Chadbourne

Babylonian Star-Lore: An illustrated guide to the Star-Lore & constellations of ancient Babylon - Gavin White

Mystical Astrology according Tp Lbn 'Arabi - Titus Burckhardt

Primary Directions: Astrology's Old Master Technique - Martin Gansten

Primary Directions of Regiomontanus & William Lilly - Rumen Kolev

Soul Sick Nation - Jessica Murray

The Houses: Temples of the Sky - Deborah Houlding

Elements & Evolution - Eric Meyers

The Astrologer's Book Of Charts - Frank C Clifford

Finding Success in the Horoscope - Jackie Slevin

Astrology and the Authentic Self - Demetra George


Seek the Ancient Masters!

Look for the Works of Claudius Ptolemy, Manilius, Firmicus Maternus, Rhetorius the Egyptian, Claudius Dariot, J B Morin, William Lilly, Abu 'Ali Al-Khayyat, Dorotheus of Sidon, Al Biruni, Porphyry of Tyre, Guido Bonatus, etc...

After a long while... A great number of the modern books do seem to become carefully modified and "well-tweaked" copies of one another chiefly when it comes to the Meaning.

It is still fun at times to read the many ways to say and to tell the very same thing over and over again!

Anyway, Meaning is always precious!

Keep it high/dignified and well-served!



Astrolabe’s Solar Fire with the famous and respected ACS Atlas



Cosmic Pattern Software's "Kleper, Sirius & Pegasus and now under Cosmic Pattern's, the dear Matrix Software", they all are magnificent indeed! 



I was born with Neptune conjunct the Sun conjunct Khambalia in the 8th House in Scorpio!

While wondering whether or not to write an article about Neptune in Pisces I was accosted by an expected daydream which went something like this…

As poised at the edge of divide between Birth/Life and Death/Rebirth I was prompted to listen to my thoughts…

Out of nowhere I heard the fable unfolding within me.
Imagine that there are many Worlds/Realms/Dimensions/Universes and equally many Lifetimes/Time-zones…

Imagine that there are infinite species and infinite Life however They all dance the Music of Eternal Evolution...

The Change that has no end!

Souls – Sparks of Fire/Light from the “Source of All” Creatress of Everything that exists, we do come…

We enter different worlds to experience our own existence at different levels… As
we partake in the existence of all by allowing our own selves to flow along with

the call of the Source of All – Evolution.

It is the dance of Changes.

Amidst so many journeys in some many worlds at some point we all begin

to feel like “Being just like the Movies’ Superman and/or Superwoman” or yet

being just like Sam and the other Witches of the Bewitched TV Show… Or being

just like Jeannie from the “I Dream Of Jeannie” TV Show…

Well, there is actually a realm/world/dimension in which everybody is like


Everybody is like Samantha from “Bewitched”, everybody is like Jeannie
from “ I Dream Of Jeannie”…

Nobody dies once they are born there, nobody gets too old, nobody gets sick, nobody gets destroyed and when any destruction of anybody or anything does occur, it is undone within seconds as if rewinding a film – Not a scratch! Nobody gets killed…

Nobody loses, nobody goes hungry, nobody needs to work, everyone has everything that they wish for and instantly.
Everybody everywhere is healthy and wealthy as everything and

anything just depend upon a wish and all positive wishes instantly come true.

Some of the TV shows like Bewitched, I dream of Jeannie, Superman, etc
were inspired by souls who had been in this realm in other lifetimes…

The Catch in this Realm of Instant Gratification is that there is not
any Evolution flowing and “Change” has slowed Itself off to a near

stopping/ceasing motion status for the sake of teaching the lessons of this


Those within this Realm, once there will sooner or later whether
many years or some tiresome thousands of years down their path, they do realize

that they are bored and tired of everything and anything that this realm can

offer Them.

They have lived and been everything and anything and it

becomes a repetitive litany of reruns of old shows and the outcome is always the

same as expected - everybody gets their wishes come true and have a good time.

But good times cease to be good times when they become predictable and
boring repetitions devoid of any Newness, devoid of any adventure, without any

excitement, with no value, with no Life left in in it to be savoured.

The value of the 1st time in anything and everything begins to grow until first time is non-existent as there are not any first times left to speak


We all know that we need Variations by the nature of our eternal fire and light.

Because “We All & Everything that exist” are made

out of Changes, we all exist because we are “Eternal Changes” our own selves,

the core of our souls.

When we become wilfully trapped into the

boundaries of the illusion of the Realm’s permanent and instant

self-gratification without any Transformation, without any Change, without any

Evolution, Without Death ever…

We sooner or later find our own selves

wishing for sacred Blessings of Death and Rebirth, the friendly Changes which

make each and every Life possible and worth living for/in/with…

The sacred blessing of partaking of the Movement of Eternity, The Highest Bliss of
All – The All-Fulfilling Dance of Eternal Evolution which springs from the core of the Eternal Mother Goddess Creatress of All, of All Worlds, of All Existence…

That was my “Neptune in Pisces” prompted inspiration.

Is it practical?

Well, we come to this world – amidst rather unpleasant
circumstances surrounded by blood, water, faeces/excrement, urine, pain, cutting, hurting,

difficult emotions…

Then at some point we all must also leave the flesh

and to be honest with you all…

It is almost always as unpleasant as entering

the flesh…

The temporary boundaries of the Elements to allow us to experience structure come at a price - The fee is the sacrifice of Having to Learning the Meaning of Pain, of Hurting, of thousand-fold wild Waters like “Emotions” as Winning and Loss, Beginning and Ending, Having and having not, Needing/Wanting/Missing, Filled and Empty, Being Wise and being Fooled, Being Ignored, Being famous, Being Mighty and being Destroyed, Being Loved and being Hated…Etc…

Neptune reminds us that it is all a show…

A temporary show and nothing is for keeps…

(Thanks Goddess for that!)

As all of the boundaries are only learning tools that we all must part with once
lessons have been learned and tools have rendered their role and services

Neptune in its own Home…
To me it signifies a time which all matters pertaining to the Sign of Pisces, also all matters belonging to the 12th House of the Zodiac will have the delight of the company of the owner/master of the house staying home and of course a good clean-up is always part of the that along with putting things in order, updating matters left in delay since the owner has last been at home 164 years ago.

Worldwide we all will feel and find the pleasant and the not-so-pleasant effects of Neptune’s home coming and as Neptune putting His House in order and of course after his own “Meaning”.

Those who only Suffer may be Released.

Those Who only Laugh may get to Use the Wonders of Crying a bit too.

Reversals are not uncommon when Neptune is Home…
“Impossible Turns Possible” – Not uncommon at all when Neptune is Home!

Working class, the suffered majority under imposed sacrifices for the sake of the good and well-being of the richest and of the most powerful…

It is easy to speculate for instance that the long-lived farce, the put-on, abuse of power of/from the huge corporations (the minority elite of the world) whom through an act of lobbying/buying out the right people in upper governments coupled with an act of deceitful, unethical, immoral practices on Taxing Legal Technicalities
have been making billions, trillions however paying nothing in Federal Tax because they hold an empty office in some part of the country and/or of the world where it is legally free of taxation for one reason or another…

No wonder the Government keeps on running out of money and now it is coming after the working class to pay more taxes because the rich won’t and they have this very well camouflaged before a world audience where the majority of the people lack the critical thinking that it takes for them to figure out how bad they are being hurt and fooled…

And where and whom is it coming from…

Neptune in Pisces surely promises a time when these bastard corporations will have to pay their share of taxes and perhaps these highly political so-called mainstream big-religions will also be made to pay their share of taxes.

I’ve no sympathy left for those who do the harm which hurts millions of people at once…

There is hope, heck there is certainty with Neptune in Pisces that things will really and truly change.

Neptune in Pisces in the form of his Low-End Meanings might as well also come to function like the sudden and merciless Equalizer for a whole lot of these Abusers of the Earth, of the seas, of the rivers and of their own kind – abusers of huge numbers of Human Beings and the quality of life on earth for us all…

Other astrologer may differ but I think Neptune in Pisces is Good News for the Poor, for the Working class.

Solvency coming to in the House of Suffering can be a great Release, Relief
and Liberation.

I know I am a dreamer but do remember that “Some dreams always come true”.


The key choice (for those who can read between the lines of definitions and their labels) is really either one elects “To Contain the All” or to let go to be contained by It!

To each their own choices and all Wisdom thereof!
Below is a list of meanings pertaining to the astrological planet Neptune, to the Sign of Pisces and the natural 12th House of the Zodiac…

Such will aid one’s own understanding of the
Meaningful Variables of Values which are operating in full blast when it comes
to Neptune and its journey through his own Home Sign of Pisces.

Astrologically - Tropical/Geocentric speaking:

Neptune the Modern Astrological “Natural Ruler” of the Sign of Pisces and Its natural 12th Astrological House of the Zodiac, is back home!

Neptune has entered Pisces – 9:36pm EDT on the 4th of April 2011 and will remain in Pisces until – 11:11pm EDT on the 4th August 2011

It will Re-Enter Pisces again and this time to stay a long time and travel throughout the whole Sign of Pisces – 6:53 pm EST on the 3rd February 2012…

And It will Remain in Pisces until – 11:44am on the 30th January 2025 at which time it will enter the Sign of Aries.
Neptune’s Meanings:

From Religious/Spiritual Ecstasy To Madness…

From Solvency of Problems, Relief, Flow of one’s life,
Liberation, Fluidity, Change, Dissipation of Hindrances and Dissolving of all
forms of Obstacles to Undoing of any Structures/Boundaries whether they be
people or things...

From Dreams, Vision, Enlightenment, Illumination,
Spirituality, Ideals, Psychic, Sacred, Spiritually-Gifted to Illusion,
Deception, Lies, A Put-on, Make-As-If, Pretending, Camouflage, Distraction,
Biases, Prejudices, Bigotry, Fear from losing one’s boundaries…

From Psychism, Compassion, Fantasy, Being Psychic, The Ideal, Idealism, Divination, Scrying, Prediction of the Future, Shape-shifting, Transformation, Water, The Seas, Shaker of the Earth to Obligation, Martyr, Victim and Saviour dynamics & role-playing…

From Sexual preferences as Gay, Lesbian & Bisexual/Queer and also Third Gender as Trans, Transsexual, Transgender whether MTF or FTM and Androgynous - Hermaphroditic/Inter-sexed, also the Search For Meaning, the Search For the Ultimate Union, Transcendence, The Search for Infinite Love & Pleasure, Intuition…

To Sensitivity, Denial, Quitting, Giving-up, Disillusion, Dissolution, Death, Ending, Forfeiture, Weakness, Frailty, BDSM, Sacrifice, Pain, Humiliation, Abuse, Torture, Escapism…

From Show-Business, Healings Arts, The Occult, Ancient Arts & Sciences, Ancient
Academia, Secrecy, The Movies, Behind-The-Scenes, Suspense, the Good Life of the Films and those who make it, Hollywood, Mystery, Artists, Actresses, Actors,
Musicians, Astrologers, Witches, The Stage, Premonition, the Roles, The Theatre,
Invisibility, Mysticism, Mystic, Mystical, Imagination, Uncertainty, Metaphysics, Magick, Witchcraft, Spells, Mystification, Vagueness, The Unconscious, Healing, Glamour, The Inspired Arts, Sacred/Artistic Inspiration…

To Dependency, Unfamiliarity, Slavery, Darkness, Ignorance, Betrayal, Obscure,
Falsehood, Seeming, Liquids, Gases, Poison, Poisoning, Drowning, Drugs, Doped,
Overdose, Hooked on Mind-Altering Substance, Vices…

Neptune’s placement in an astrological chart is where “We” are called to freely and willingly Give with Love for peace and harmony in us and around us…

Neptune’s placement in an astrological is where We might sacrifice our self-interest for the good of others whom are meaningful to us.

Neptune rules Pisces:
The Astrological Sign of Pisces’ Meanings:

Love, Solvency, Dreams, Poetry, Dependency, Welfare/The Dole, Holiness, Holy, Mystic, Sacred, Sacrifice, Charity, Rite, Creativity, Empathy, Captivity, Bondage, Misinformation, Exile, Double-Bodied, The Feet, Liver, Lymphatic System, Moist, fruitful, Suffering, Confusion, Easily Influenced, Passive, the Sexual Preference Modality of being Bottom/Passive/Feminine, Anal Intercourse, GLBT people, GLBT interests & issues, Unity, Secrets, Secret Wisdom, Spirit, Soul, Psychic, Gifted, Hidden, The Occult, To complete, To get to the Outcome, Limitations, Unexpected,
Shape-shifting, Changed, Gay, Trans, Priestess, High-Priestess, Priest,
Religious, Spiritual, Magical, Undoing, Compassionate, Sacrificial, Charity,
Impractical, Escapist, Illusory, Inspirational, Hooked/High on Drugs, Drunk,
Poisoned, Dependent…

Neptune rules the 12th Astrological Zodiac House 12th Astrological House’s Meanings:

Ancient Ruler: Jupiter Modern Ruler: Neptune

It is the Exaltation/Climax of Venus as Neptune is the Highest Octave of Venus in Expression.


he Joy of Saturn – Wisdom/Satisfaction which has to be worked for/earned!

The Keywords:

Destiny, Past-Lives, Karma, Pre-natal Script/Choices, Magick, Solvency, Sadness,
Sorrow, Self-Undoing, The Past, Confinement & Also “Release/Freedom” from
Confinement, Mistakes, Secrets, Hidden Motivations…
Secrets, Imagination, Intuition, Psychic Awareness, Confinement, Hidden Resources, Hidden Motivations, Karma, Destiny, Union, Desire for Beauty & Love, Desire for the Ideal, Protective Retreats, Victim/Saviour Issues, Institutions such as Hospitals, Hospices, Prisons, Lessons, Bad Times, Ordeals, Sacrifice, illness, Sickness, Healing, Cure, Magick, Partner’s sickness, “The Outcome of Matters concerning Publication/Faraway People/Lands/Travel & Higher Education, Wisdom”, Miracles, Chemicals, Drugs, Misfortunes, That which it is hidden, Covert Status of Hidden Enemies, Spying, Big Pets, Intrusive Fact-Finding, Transformation, Healing, Spell, Witchcraft, Spiritual Teachers, Secret Friends and Enemies, Healers, Holistic Doctors…


There you have it!

Have a happy Neptune in Pisces!

Love & Light,

Sky a.k.a. JD Aeon


The Transits hold great Potentials for many themes, intentions and actual needs... But I always say, don't wait for any Transit in order to heal oneself or in order to being happy...
We must start/initiate those journeys as soon as we hear/feel it knocking at our personal doors...
A tightly kept secret is the powerful advantage of knowing the polarity of any moment of Crisis because its opposite is exactly what it is needed to counter-act it full-fledged and upfront on the spot... We surely cannot deny Nature nor our own Souls our own chosen Moments of Transformation which will assist in the evolution of our own selves and our rightful place in the scheme of all things above and below...
All the planets can be our Friends if we allow them to.
Locational Astrology can be helpful...I love the consideration of the Planetary lines crossing over one's town.


Lehigh Valley - 21ème d'Août 2011 - Été




- Astrological Planet Of:

Information, Communication, Movement, GLBT People/Issues, Travel, Speed,
Exchanges, News, Thinking, Thoughts, Mental Stimulation, Letters, Emails,
Telephone calls, Utility, Mentality, Necessity, Moving, Listening, Talking,
Details, Service, Obligation, Health, Hourly Work, Commerce, Purity, Job,
Co-Workers, Writing, Mind, Intellectual Perception, Small Pets, Technique,
Pay-Cheque, Flexibility, Duality, Intercourse at all levels.

Mercury is also considered the Transgender of the Zodiac!

Mercury is the natural Ruler of the Astrological Signs of Gemini and Virgo!
Mercury goes retrograde/backwards in its apparent motion in the sky geo-centric-wise.

Astrologically speaking, Astrologers do know that it signifies the
Beginning of a period of "Re-Doing things, To Re-think things out, To
Re-consider Whatever it may be or Whomever it may be in our lives, to us
individually or to us collectively/together as a group"...

"It begins also a time of natural (unexpected or expected) Reversals and it is absolutely "NOT" a good and fortunate time to begin anything new, to start any new undertakings, new projects, new love, whatever it may be, if new, postpone it to start after Mercury goes forward...

In short it is not a good period to start anything totally new at all"!

Mercury will remain in apparent backwards motion in the sky until a time at which it will go direct or rather in Forward motion in the sky.

New Things, new projects, the Whatever new and Whomever new which are started in this Mercury Retrograde period tend to suffer reversals, tend to fall apart, tend to fail and to be entirely reconsidered again after Mercury goes Direct in the sky.

The positive side of Mercury Retrograde
The positive side of this period of Mercury Retrograde is that it is a good and fortunate time period for finishing and solving any type of "Unfinished Business" of any type and at any level...

Also a lucky period to resolve, to solve and/or finish any Unfinished Affairs Of The Heart as well.
The only mandatory requirement for such being that the "Whatever and Whomever" we choose to tackle at this time relating to Unfinished Business and/or Affairs of the heart, that they all have begun before Mercury went Retrograde or long ago...

Whatever it is must be something that had begun "In the Past" to be more precise.

Empowered with such privileged information any person can well be better informed to make better decisions on what/whom are best to be approached and worked with/on at this time.

Old wishes, dreams of the past and people and things of the past can have a successful outcome and also a desirable and pleasant result in our lives at this time period should we brave to rise to their occasion now during the Mercury retrograde time.

Folks, beware & take care!

I myself was born at a Mercury Retrograde period and I've come to observe and learn that it seems that Mercury Retrograde periods are friendly to me for as long as I respect the nature of such times accordingly.

Mercury Retrograde can be a Friend but only if you learn its Meaning...

And with respect and dignity you set out to willingly work in harmony with it and not against it during such periods of the year!

There you have it!

Best Luck To All!

Blessed be,

Sky a.k.a. JD Aeon


First published on 11th December 2008


Meaning/Great Change/Death/Rebirth arrive into the Sign of “Being in Charge/Being the Boss”.

The depth of Pluto becomes Meaning in Capricorn where it calls for self-dignity/respect and responsibility.

The “Being in Charge” and “Being the Owner/Being the Boss” of Saturn has to become “Meaningful” when the Death and Rebirth – Change of Pluto enters their equation, their fibres, their structure with the penetration of a passionate lover who will not quit until climax is fully achieved.

To me, that means that we will see a time of Meaningful Changes in the leadership of the powers-that-be regardless of whomever they may be and at all levels.

I think my advice about Pluto in Capricorn to myself and to anybody will always be – Add “Meaning” to your Life, to your own Self (Be dignified to yourself and to other people whomever they may be).

Add “Meaning” to all your “Giving and Taking” exchanges, to everything that you own, to your power, to your command, to your ways of being in charge.

Pluto -
(Great CHANGE through the kind offices of Death and Rebirth - Transformation of Life, of whatever it is into Whatever It Will Be) will call all people who are in positions of power and control, to add Meaning to their leadership, to their controls, to their Command and Reputation, to their Management and Administration.

Those people who shall still think that it is their way or no way will be greeted by Sweeping changes outside and beyond their human controls which will set them “Right” either by cancelling their so-called “Positions” like bad television shows which get cancelled or worse, will terminate Them the people themselves as Death equalizes us all sooner or later but in this case sooner than later.

Depth and Meaning always demand Higher Justice/Justified Rewards which will spring from Circumstances beyond and out of any Human Controls – Nobody can mess with Divine Intercession and/or Intervention whether deemed pleasant/good or unpleasant/bad.

National Sovereignty, Reputation and Trust will be called to become and to be Meaningful both collectively and individually.

Saturn always calls for “Respect” and “Responsibility” for one’s own Integrity first – Dignity for Oneself first because every thing starts with the Self first.

The integrity of any viable Structure begins at its natural Respect and natural
Responsibility to itself first.

We all are “Owners” of something or another, in a way or another…
Ergo “Meaning” must be added to all “Ownerships” or else suffer the wrath of plutonian Changes and they can be mean and nasty, they can easily mean death/ending of people and things.

Meaning arrives to “Status”…

Meaning arrives to Profession. We will have to add
quality/meaning to what we buy and sell, to what we end or begin, to what we do or do not do.

Pluto is the Goddess “Force Majeure” Herself, the strongest Intensity, the highest Dosage, the deepest Probing, the greatest Change of the them all – Death and Rebirth – "The eternal dance of change eternally happening at/from atomic to all levels of all that it is allowed to exist, to be.”

To be is to change and there is no past tense to "To be" when we strip Life from all foolish men-made labels and arrive the bottom of all depths - Eternal Change"! Life is made out of changes ergo all Life is Change...
And change is the only radical constant of all Universes, Realms and
Change is eternal because there is no end to "Change"... Actually
birth, death and rebirth are nothing but dynamics of Change.

The fact it is that all endings are but an illusion…
Transformation is a proven reality because nothing ever ends, it simply changes, transforms.

Pluto is “Penetration” no ifs, ands nor buts!
The greedy, dishonest, self-serving, non-dignified, harmful, toxic and nasty people of the Power World, the minority elite who are used to rule over others and without any meaning, without any dignity to their own selves let alone to others, the people affected by them and their actions...
They will truly and surely find themselves the "Meaning" that they have been missing and in no uncertain way sooner than ever warranted.

To each the length of their own Wisdom and their bravery and dignity to live "It" in the flesh and for real.

After all I've seen and been through...
I do very much welcome the much wished-for arrival of "Meaning" into all the realms of "Control and Being in Power/Being in Charge".
It is high time for Mother Cosmos to right and/or end the wrongs, the Baddies and to actually bring in the Goodies, a better time for all.

We all would like "better times" for all people, for all the human beings...

Changes will surely do their sacred work!
The best part is that nobody can mess with Pluto in Capricorn chiefly with Saturn passing through Virgo and heading straight into Libra soon.

Exciting time to see the scales of the Goddess MAAT swing and swing until the majority of the baddies/meanies are flushed out so that they can return again to play better and more dignified parts in the flesh.

I salute:

Pluto in Capricorn - The Force Majeure of the "Deepest Depth/Meaning &
most powerful Intensity" being added to "Being in Charge"...
Leadership/Being the Owner/being the boss will be forced to be/to become Meaningful or to lose its Power, to lose its Control and To Die/To end!
I salute Pluto in Capricorn - It is high time for some mighty changes straight from Circumstances beyond Human Controls - I welcome it with dignity & laughter!

Neptune in Pisces - Solvency returns Home to clean up, fix up and remodel its home back to its original shape and meaning! Spirituality, Solvency will touch the lost & forgotten/neglected causes of the Abused, the Poor, the Lost in shuffle people of this world. The Working Class will see its causes being addressed and the minority elite will have to correct and discontinue some of its worse behaviour and practices... Many of the world's so-called Big-Shots will be mercilessly removed off from their pedestals and dealt with by Neptune... Most of these people , I mean corporate criminals who have not been worth the flesh they bear, they surely will pass away back to the Pagan Wiccan Summerlands via Neptune's own house cleaning-up... - I salute Neptune in Pisces with joy and pride!

Uranus in Aries - The New/Freedom/Independence/Autonomy, Surprise & Difference finally meet Bravery, Daring, The Original Pioneer Spirit, The Lust For The New, For Adventure, The Wild & Free Spirit Of The Huntress/Hunter!
A fertile ground for the much needed birth of Freedom With Wisdom!
I salute Uranus in Aries - The world has been waiting for the New for too long!
And the world is more than happy to welcome the New and to finally bid farewell to the Old - Good riddance!
What a relief!

Thanks Goddess it is over!
Love, Fire and Light,

By JD Aeon a.k.a. Sky